Dark and lonely, I need somebody to hold me
I'll be back tomorrow, don't worry, be happy. I need to say this again: and who I am? This is a secret I'll never tell. XOXO, bitches (PS: you are not one, i've just said for more emphasis that I'm A)

Tudo bem, ser feliz vou ficar te devendo….

aguardando ansiosamente por amanhã… entendi asklçsaaslçj <3 kisses ♥


It's not over until I say it is. Sleep tight . -A

agr acabou? ‘-’ aslkçsakl

I'm still here, you thought I was gone, kisses -A

yeah, vc foi…


vintage blog ❂
Hoje eu acordei com uma vontade enorme de olhar no fundo dos seus olhos.
Detonautas.   (via enflorarme)
Every time I breath my hands shake and I need to touch a knife just to see my blood split to the floor. I truly miss our conversations. I don't like sushi yet. Good night, darling. I've got an eye on you. And who am I? This is a secret I'll never tell. A-

Apesar de eu te odiar ainda(mentira) eu sinto muito a sua falta, muitíssimo, por favor, volte a falar comigo por amizade :(((( quase chorei aqui AUHAUAHauhAUah <333 Sabia que era você, ♥ Gn honey.





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we all have scars we don’t show